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Xiaomi Air Bluetooth Earphone

Better than Airpods
True wireless,
True wireless design | single & double ear wear | AAC HD Sound Quality
Noise reduction call | Touch Control

True wireless Design, free to listen

Adopting the left and right split true wireless design, bid farewell to the wire binding, bringing a new listening experience of binaural synchronized music and calls

Breaking the master-slave restriction of the traditional wireless headset,

the left/right headphones are free to switch at any time;

Remove any earphone during binaural call, automatically switch to unilateral call mode, free to wear without restraint, you can even share a headset with your friends, feel the rhythm of synchronization and double the pleasure. * When using both ears, please ensure that the left and right headphones are within the built-in distance to avoid the influence of signal instability.

Automatic sensing, automatically pause when take off any headphones Built-in infrared optical sensor, automatic sensing wear status, take off any headphones music automatically pause

7mm iron boron strong magnetic + titanium-plated diaphragm dynamic ring speaker unit, three-frequency balanced natural After the ANC is actively denoised, the sound is purer and the sense of hearing is more realistic and delicate.

High-definition sound quality, true and durable Support AAC advanced audio coding technology, excellent performance in vocal restoration and instrumental separation, while retaining the original sound more complete, high-definition sound quality to meet the listening needs of a variety of music types.

Tap your fingertips to unlock a new experience Touching your fingertips to control music, calls, voice assistants, etc. Clear call, new quiet world Both left and right headphones are equipped with two high-sensitivity microphones to realize binaural call, beamforming + ENC noise reduction technology, effectively suppressing environmental noise, bringing high-fidelity call quality, and making communication clearer and better.

After the first pairing is successful, the charging box is automatically connected to the device, and no unnecessary operation is required;

It can automatically connect back within 30 minutes after disconnection, and automatically sleeps when there is no operation for 30 minutes. At this time, you only need to wear it once to wake up again.

The box is automatically charged, and the earphone and the storage box support fast charging. After charging for 10 minutes, it can be used for 70 minutes, and it can be filled in one hour; The charging case can charge the earphone twice more, and it can be used for 10 hours of music playback. Magnetic contact charging, Hall magnetic switch and USB Type-C interface, the charging is faster, lasting, and staying all day long.

Compatible with iOS and Android Turn on Bluetooth and quickly connect to your iOS or Android device to support mobile phones, tablets, laptops and more.

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