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L’Oréal Men Expert Stress Resist Shower Gel

Men Expert’s first shower gel is enriched with a relaxing, fresh, and woody fruity fragrance for an instant sensation of well-being. No matter how stressful your day was, the power of Men Expert Stress Resist shower gel and body wash will help relieve your body from all of the pressures and tensions of the day.

Suitable for your body, face and hair. Relaxing fresh woody fruity fragrance.

Size: 300ml


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Stressful days at the office and intense workouts at the gym can affect a man’s body and often cause uncomfortable tension. Discover the power of our shower gel body wash enriched with a relaxing, woody, and fruity fragrance that’s 100% crafted to help relax a man’s body.

  • The aromatic fragrance will keep you smelling fresh all day long
  • 100% Crafted For Men


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