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Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Wireless Earbuds




Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition Bluetooth Earphones

Wireless split body design | pick up and start automatically

Touch operation|New Bluetooth 5.0

The sleek and compact design eliminates the cumbersome elements, and the appearance is simple and full,

which complements its simple operation.

The charging box is made of high-quality two-color injection molding technology,

with translucent matte material, which is not only durable and wearable,

but also has a sense of beauty, which makes people love it.

Throw away the bondage

Using TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology, the binaural split body design,

from now on without the headset line, enjoy the freedom of the melody

At the touch of a button

The built-in touch panel of the earphone is responsive,

and the fingertips can be softly touched to complete your instructions,

avoiding the pain of pressing by the traditional buttons, and opening a new era of touch with you.

A new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 technology, compatible with various protocols

such as Bluetooth 4.2 and below, achieves a comprehensive upgrade of performance,

achieves long-distance transmission with ultra-low power consumption,

has stronger anti-Wi-Fi signal interference capability,

and keeps the signal smooth. Give you a more smooth and smooth experience.

The Xiaomi Bluetooth Headset AirDots Youth Edition

uses a new version of the chip to achieve two-channel stereo.

Listen more clearly, and the call is close at hand.

Super bass, make the sound more sensational

Small headphones also have pure sound. The special 7.2mm strong magnetic moving ring speaker

has wider bass range and more explosive sound. It is equipped with a rear cavity sounding structure

and then optimized by the tuner to make the mid-low frequency more powerful and melody more sensation.

It makes you feel refreshed.

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